The Sunglo Awards Program recognizes and rewards those who have successfully competed using the Sunglo feeding programs to develop their show animals.


  1. Applications MUST be accompanied with a photo to qualify for a Sunglo Award.
  2. Submit a completed application to your Sunglo Feeds dealer/distributor.
  3. Please allow 90 days to receive your qualifying award.
  4. Sunglo gift certificate awards are only redeemable for Sunglo apparel and accessories offered through the online company store. Click Here to Visit our Merchandise Store
    Gift Certificates are not redeemable at dealer locations for cash or product
  5. Contact Cindy Frey with award questions at (800) 366-1354.

Additional Information & Applications:

Steers & Heifers

Show Lamb/Goat

Barrows & Gilts

Breeding Gilts

A non-medicated milk replacer designed to be fed to pigs the last 30-45 days when getting them ready for show!  
Purpose: Sumo Combines the most advanced and aggressive sources of fat and milk products to ensure immediate acceptance and rapid change in bloom and consumption. Immediate acceptance and very palatable. Unique blend of dry fat and milk sources for a more rapid change in sheen and desired fat      cover. Sumo enhances bloom through all stages of development. Sumo is a 70% fat source…
Purpose: A top dress designed to be fed when increased intake is desired. Highly palatable      Meal form Offering  “INHALE” can “Get them back on feed”!
Purpose: Maintains “gut fill” and keeps the fresh, expanded look.   FULL Tank is a nutritional product designed to increase the capacity of the stomach or rumen. FULL Tank is useful when intake is restricted to limit weight gain. When limit feeding, adding FULL Tank maintains "gut fill" and keeps the fresh, expanded look. FULL Tank reduces stress level and hard look associated with a…
Purpose: For pigs with occasional gastric upset. Contributing factors that may cause occasional gastric upset include; small particle      size of feed pelleting feed irregular feed      shortages co-mingling of      pigs exposure to new      locations transportation      and fluctuating environmental temperatures. Feed 1 scoop morning and night for pigs with occasional gastric upset, or 1 scoop per day…
Purpose: Is a specialized ultra-small pellet designed to smooth the transition from sow's milk to dry feed. First Response is highly palatable to encourage feed intake. It contains plasma proteins, lactose and milk proteins at levels needed by young pigs immediately post-weaning. It can also be used as a creep feed when milk supply is limited. First Response is normally…
Purpose: Promotes muscle mass. A pelleted supplement containing Paylean®. It also provides extra nutrition needed to maximize the Paylean® response. A crumble supplement containing Paylean® designed to be mixed with Sunglo complete show feeds. Available in a 25 lb bag. In addition to Paylean, Explode provides extra nutrition needed to maximize the Paylean response. Mix 1/2 lb of Explode with 5 1/2…
Purpose: Designed to enhance appetite and consumption with extra nutrients to build dimension and volume. Protein 17.0% Lysine 1.0% Fat 6.0% • A meal feed designed for 100 lb and greater body weight breeding gilts to develop correctly in structure, capacity and growth. • Designed to enhance appetite and consumption with extra nutrients to build dimention and volume. • A…
The 800 Series is a pelleted starter that maximizes bloom on weaned pigs, plus it makes a great creep feed. 800 is very similar to 700 but with more energy. This feed can be used alone or in conjunction with the 700 Series to get the finish just right on pigs that differ in genetic type and look. The 800…
The 500 Series can be postioned across a wide range of genetics to achieve optimal growth, muscling and condition. This line guarantees 18% Protein, 1.10% Lysine and 5.5% Fat. S-501 medicated with Tylan is the most used product in the 500 Series. Tylan does not require a withdrawl time.
The 400 Series is used in pigs weighing 40 pounds to 100 pounds. The 400 Series has guarantees of 18% Protein, 1.3% Lysine and 5.5% Fat. It is cost effective for use after the 800 Series to maintain bloom and maintain a high percent saleable pig. It’s also an effective receiver feed due to its palatability and combination of medications.…
S-201 is also the feed of choice for tighter constructed, tight moving pigs. Designed to be fed as the sole ration for pigs weighing 150 lb. to market. S-201 guarantees 16% Protein 0.90% Lysine and 5.5% Fat.
The 100 Series has been the "workhorse" of the Sunglo line with a well deserved reputation of maximizing gain and muscle after the starter period. Feeds of this series have guarantees of 20% Protein, 1.2% Lysine and 5.5% Fat, along with high levels of vitamins and minerals. S-101 is medicated with 100 grams/ton of Tylan®, which gives good control of…

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